jueves, febrero 21, 2008

Que que?

SAN DIEGO -- Authorities at San Diego State University are warning thousands of local college students about traveling to Mexico during spring break.

In a letter to students, SDSU Police Chief John Browning urged them to consider the recent wave of violence in Mexico before traveling south for the spring vacation. The letter does not directly state that students should not travel to Mexico, but it says students should take precautions if they decide to go there. Browning advised students to stay in tourist areas with adequate security and to provide an itinerary to a friend or family member who will not travel with them. Tijuana has been the scene of a number of spectacular shootouts and police assassinations in recent months. The letter said that popular tourist destinations in Baja and Acapulco have also seen more violence recently. It said there is no evidence that U.S citizens are being targeted in these crimes, but students should be aware of their surroundings at all times. The SDSU travel alert remains in effect until April 15.

En otras palabras: pinchi gringo tonto que vienes a embrutecerte con Viva Villa pintado con Coca Cola, antes de ponerte a mear en nuestras lindas calles, fijate bien si no hay un tiroteo de narcos.


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