jueves, abril 01, 2004

I just don’t know what to do with myself
I’m so fucking bored today. Y lo peor, es que no tengo ni puta idea de lo que quiero hacer ahora. Mi papá, siempre me dijo que cuando estés aburrido (a), te metas un dedo a la boca y el otro en el culo, y que de vez en cuando te los cambies... pero la neta, ni ganas de eso tengo.
I have been doing nothing today... well not “nothing”.... ya mande a la verga a la mitad de la oficina, because they are a bunch of hypocritical ass wipes. El resto del día me he estado haciendo guey... and not even discreetly either.
Like right now: I’m drinking a 7up, chatting on both msn and yahoo, with like 6 people at a time, talking on the phone (not work related) and blogging... all while giving nasty looks to my coworkers. I’m a god damn valuable employee... how many people do you know that multifuckingtask like that?
Se me hace que lo que tengo es weekend withdrawal, but hey... it is thursday, so I should be back to my moderately bitchy self tomorrow... a parte, I have an appointment for a hair cut tomorrow, and that always gets the Albino Bean’s spirits up.

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