lunes, marzo 01, 2004

Should I even talk about the Oscar’s... I mean, like nobody watched it. I’m just mad because Master and Commander only got one, and it went to that dirty old man. But hey, on the bright side, I can now say that I was part of the crew of an Oscar Winning Film, so take that bitches!
I’d have to say that the best part was Billy Cristal and Robin Williams posing as the newlywed gay couple... that and that guy who thanked his beautiful boyfriend. Gay people are a force to be reckoned with and should have the same rights as everyone else.
Anyways... tuve un fin de semana medio frustrado. Dos intentos fallidos de ver “La Pasión”... it was sold out. No hubo aguas termales, because my mother ditched me... al cabo que ni quería. Mejor me largue a San Diego con la Martini y la Wera, pero no hubo shopping for me, because stupid Banamex swallowed half of my money; pero aun así quise acompañar a mis amigas. En una tienda de esas donde te encuentras a medio mundo, me encontré a Anny que andaba de compras con su mami. También vi una doñita que andaba de compras ella, muy mona, con pantuflas y una toalla en la cabeza.
Me fuí a Rosarito, broke y enojada.
Me tome unas chelillas por aquí y por allá, nada interesante. Vi al Pelos... thought about it, but moved on...
I should have just stayed home with Roxy and watched Saturday Night Live...
Stayed at my parents house and that always means getting up early on a sunday to get your good old dose of guilt, but hey, I’m used to it, so it just rolls right off.

“ So, you go to Orlando for a year... and then what are you going to do?”
“You are 25 Aislinn, time is passing and you aren’t DOING anything”
“How is your job coming along?”
“ You need to get organized”
“¿Ya fuiste a ver lo del infonavit?”

What?!... I mean, I don’t even try to answer anymore. It seems to me no matter what you do, parents are never pleased, so why even try. I’m just going to do what I have always done: whatever the hell I want to... hey, it works for me.
Toda la discusión de lo de Orlando fue porque ya me llegó mi primer paquete de Disney (yey!). Es hasta septiembre, pero el hecho de que me voy a ir ya está muy presente, and I know the idea of me being out of my parents immediate reach, scares the shit out of them. It scares me a little to, to be away from my family for so long... but I’m going to get over it. I have to.
This, what I’m experiencing now, while it’s very comfortable, well, it isn’t life... not that working for Disney will be very close to reality either, but it will be one more thing I can add to my experience box. Who knows... I might not ever come back... then you sukas’ are really gonna miss me... no one around to tell you that you suck big fat floppy donky dick... or to *affectionately* kick you in the ass... but hey, I’m going to miss you guys too, even Booger... yes, even you...
But you can come visit... así que empiecen a ahorrar sus centavitos.

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