miércoles, marzo 17, 2004

Pionta Guinness, le do thoil.

Belfast, circa 1970
That's our cousin Michael (third from the left) displaying his lovely dancing skills.

Well children, it's St. Patrick's Day... St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland... he is said to have come to Ireland to convert the pagans to Christianity, but then again, it's also said that he drove all the snakes out of the Emerald Isle (maybe that's a metaphor, hmmmm...) but to you and me, it's just another excuse to be *three sheets to the wind* in the middle of the week, without having to explain yer'self.

I will share this little Irish toast with you, as I will later share it with friends and family...

Here's health and prosperity,
to you and all your posterity,
and them that doesn't drink with sincerity,
that they may be damned for all eternity!

Cheers... Sláinte.... Salud

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