lunes, marzo 15, 2004

Pick your Poison
El viernes me quede en mi casa. Salí muy cansada del trabajo. A parte quería practicar mi deporte favorito: beer watching.
What is beer watching you might ask? Well, it’s a team sport, but this friday I was flying solo, porque mis “amigos” me dejaron plantada. It consists of drinking beer, while watching TV... Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m one of the state’s top contenders.
My equipment of choice:

-A six pack of Pacifico’s.
-An ice-cold mug.
-Some chips
-A copy of “Bend It Like Beckham”.

The evening started with Jeopardy!... I like to yell the answers at the TV. Mi hermano Yoyo, dice que esos programas apestan... they are made so the masses can feel smart, even though they watch TV... he’s just jealous because he can never remember to phrase the answer in the form of a question. After that it was “Roy Orbison & Friends -- A Black and White Night”. The first song was “Only the Lonely”... how appropriate, being that I was all by my lonesome this night.
After that I mastered the art of jumping from one show to another, without really watching any of them... I saw some chick try to distinguish who was gay, out of a group of very feminine looking men. Very sad. I saw a show about a girl that was told what to do by inanimate objects... also, some silly sitcom.
I though that was enough of a warm-up so I put the movie on. Ya me estaba acabando la tercera chelita para estas horas. The movie was fun, nothing spectacular though. I love the way English people talk... that just means that I can watch any old crap English movie, and still love it, because of the accent. I know... but I can’t help it if I’m easily amused........ ooooh! something shiny and sparkly... hold on.
Ok I’m back. Got a little distracted there.... bueno, ya sin cerveza en mi vaso y con la película a su fin, me fui a dormir.
Sábado... me levante temprano, a esperar al herrero que jamás llego. Hice chores around the house and what not. Luego a Rosaro.
Sake and beer on a saturday afternoon con mi apa; que ya me informó que si se muere, me puedo quedar con la cámara digital... so hands off Booger!
Ah que el gordito... se le nota que me extraña, pero namás me da un golpecito en la espalda y me dice “pinchi güera”.
Rosarito estaba lleno de pochos este weekend... and not pochos like *yours truly*. I’m talking about the shaven head, east L.A. mofos that show up every spring break to sleep in their car, and pee in the street. Fortunately, I hung out with Lore... so no pochos in sight. Same old, same old... cervezas y buena plática....neta que siento que cada lunes posteo lo mismo... but I always have a good time so if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.
Después del último vaso de cerveza, muy alcoholizada, camine entre homies y hoochies al bar donde trabaja el Sr. Pelos...

Espérame, que voy a salir temprano

Esperé un poco y se me empezó a bajar la peda. Couldn’t let that happen now could we?
Me tome una rica Pacífico (seems to be my venom of choice lately) y espere muy quietecita sentada en la barra, tal como me lo pidió. Solo platique con un negrito que me dijo:

Negrito: Aw no baby! You here alone?... ain’t that a shame
Ash: No, I’m waiting for someone.
Negrito: Well he better hurry up; I wouldn’t leave a sweet thang like you waitin’ for too long.

Me cerro el ojo y se fue. Después de lo que me pareció una eternidad salió el Pelos de quien sabe donde, and he said the magic word: Vamonos.

Pase el resto de la noche con el, hasta que vimos salir el sol.

Watching the sun come up is a beautiful thing, I wish I could share it with all of you.

Wow, that was touchy feely moment huh?
Moving on... sunday, and I was surprisingly *not* hung over. Pase todo el día con mi familia y con la Roxy, who was being uncommonly docile, muy raro en ella. Así que me la pase diciendole cositas como:

-who’s a good doggy?
-Roxy’s a good girl
-quien es mi gordita?

And yes, I did it in that annoying voice that people use when they talk to their pets... so?
After about 15 minutes of this torture... my mom, who was reading the paper, got up and said:

-Do you have to inflate that dog’s ego so much, you silly girl?

She stormed off, into the kitchen, rolling her eyes...
I love annoying my mom.

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