miércoles, marzo 24, 2004

Mellow Man Ace... more profound than we thought.
Está pagina en blanco me acecha desde hace tres días. Post something! Anything! I haven’t even felt like flexing my pocha muscles that much either. Well, not till now that is.
I’ve been listening to 98.9 fm since they changed the format. It’s hip hop now, as opposed to the *rock en español* (read: crap) they played before; but the DJ’s speak in spanglish, and funny enough I found my self cringing at the sound of this. But rather than dismiss it completely, he decidido que el spanglish, no es para todos. Some people can pull it off, others can’t, and it also has to do with the person that you are convesating with.
When I speak with my mother, we flip back and forth between spanish and english, like it’s no big deal. My father has the same linguistic capabilities, but hates the mixing of both languages. It’s one or the other with him. Black and white, no gray areas. But he makes an exception for me, because I think he is too lazy to completely reprogram my speaking skills.
A la Run DMC... It’s like that, and that’s the way it is. So he’s basically learned to look past the spanglish and listen to what I have to say; and occasionally rolls his eyes when I say something like * hey pinchi gordo, pásame the tea pot no?*
What I’m getting at, es que al principio me molestaba escuchar el spanglish en el radio. Se me hacía extraño; pero entre más escucho, más lo absorbo sin pensar. I don’t really dissect the two different languages in my head when I receive the message. This is because I think in spanglish (like you hadn’t noticed). It's just part of the blessing/curse of being bilingual.
Now I don’t cringe when I hear the DJ say “...and that was The Digital Undergrown, con su Humpty Dance... yo! esa canción rifa... old school in the house”
Well.... maybe I cringe a little.

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