jueves, marzo 04, 2004

Is there such a thing as coffee drinkers anonymous?
He dejado de tomar café.
Instead, I drink tea. Earl Gray, Chai, Mint-Papaya, Irish Breakfast, English Royal Blend. I also picked up an interesting coffee substitute called Teeccino... it’s herbal coffee.
I was starting to develop a strange dependency on coffee. It wasn’t just one cup anymore; it had to be 4 or 5, so I decided I would try to see how hard it would be for me to leave it. It was surprisingly hard, but I had successfully kicked it for about 4 weeks.
Last saturday I fell off the wagon. I had a cup of coffee and I went nuts. My heart started beating faster. I was talking hurriedly. Laughing hysterically. My hands shook. My eyes shifted from side to side frantically. Then I though... maybe I should drink an espresso too... hmmm.
I can’t help myself; I’m addicted to that brown opiate.
All day and all night I dream of the rich array of bold and complex flavors that I could be treating myself too. French Roast, Colombian, Mocha Java, Espresso Roast, Sumatra or Komodo Dragon, which would be my downfall last saturday.
But alas, I have left that world behind.
I now reside in the understated yet lovely place that is moderated caffeine teas. I sip from my cup with my pinky finger stinking straight out, and I dare not think about my dark, yet richly bold past.

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