viernes, marzo 05, 2004

The Friday Five
What was...

1. ...your first grade teacher's name?
I can't even remember, but it was a nun... you see the Albino Bean went to a Catholic School

2. ...your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?
I liked *The Tick*, but I loved *The Smurfs*

3. ...the name of your very first best friend?
Melissa Jaramillo, all though, she is Cisneros now. We used to ride around my back yard in my tricycle. I would peddle and she would sit in the little back seat thingy. I was 4 and she was 3.

4. ...your favorite breakfast cereal?
Cherios all the way, specially Honey Nut Cherios

5. ...your favorite thing to do after school?
While I waited for my ride home, I would go and buy a Popsicle from *el Pale*... this grumpy old guy who sold ice cream outside our school.

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