miércoles, marzo 10, 2004

Approach with caution...
Me duele la cabeza. No sé si es por falta de cafeína, o si es porque la secretaria y la de recursos humanos ya me tienen hasta la madre. Tienen toda la mañana hablando de las lindas cosas que hacen sus hijos... cuando trato de participar comentando sobre Roxy, me miran como si estuviera mal de la cabeza. Crazy bitches!... like my dog isn’t just as cute as their damn kids... whatever.
Anyways... estoy planeando otra cenita como la de aquella vez, but I have no idea what to cook; I mean my cooking knowledge is very limited, but I’m not afraid to try new things... I will approach any recipe with the same blinding ignorance that I approach everything else.
Eso de andar haciendo cenitas para muchachitos peludos como que no es mi fuerte, pero en fin... eso pidió el nene, así que eso le daré... nunca me hubiera imaginado que estaría yo, con mandilito bien puesto *cooking for my man*, or any other man, for that matter... what the hell is happening to me?
I have become so damn domestic... next thing you know I’ll greet him at the door with a martini in one hand and his slippers in the other.... (Insert silent scream here).
Estoy exagerando un poco, pero me sorprende el comportamiento que he exhibido... could it be that The Albino Bean can experience actual *feelings*? I shudder at the thought, but it seems to be so; but I only think about saying anything to him and I revert back to my old insensitive and sarcastic self... what to do?
I hate this type of situation... digo, te la pasas bien, hay buena química... nada más no hables de lo que sientes porque ya lo hechas a perder.... If you are a chick, it’s almost impossible to have this type of relationship. Sooner or later you always start having feelings for the guy.
I’m confused. All I know, is that when I leave... I’m not going to be one of those chicks that’s miles away from home in a beautiful tropical place... pining over some jackass that’s back home. Nothing short of a marriage proposal by Johnny Depp is going to keep me here... and that ain’t happening anytime soon.
So I ask myself... why even bother with this guy, if that is the case... I’ll tell you why... because I’m crazy.
Always have been, and always will be; but I prefer the term *delightfully eccentric*...

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