jueves, febrero 12, 2004

Listenin' to Cio Cio San, Fall in love all over again...

Oh my God, Oh my God, it's finnally here... fui a visitar la pagina de =w=, y me encontré con esto... The DVD is in the final stages y a mi se me cayeron los chones. There is so much live stuff on this new DVD that I can't even stand it!!. The release isn't set til 3/23, so I will just have to make due with Edith's Bon Jovi dvd till then.
After this I'm expecting the 10th anniversary edition of The Blue Album, which should also include a bunch of previously unreleased B-sides; and also a new album that should prove not to be as crapy as Maladroit. One can only hope.
It's a good day to be an obsesive =w= fan.

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