miércoles, julio 30, 2003

En una pausa, entre tanta risa, decidi compartir esto:

Stalin plot to kill Wayne
in Berlin

SOVIET tyrant Josef Stalin ordered hitmen to kill movie idol John Wayne, it was claimed yesterday.

The murderous dictator feared that famously anti-Communist superstar Wayne would thwart his plans for a global red revolution.

British historian Michael Mann said: “Stalin saw him as a gigantic propaganda symbol against the Soviets.
“He was much more subtle than the atomic bomb but Stalin saw him as no less deadly.”

He said that two exiled Ukrainians living in America were given a contract to shoot the movie gunslinger, nicknamed The Duke.

They broke into his changing room at Warner Brothers’ Hollywood studios in 1943 — but the FBI ambushed them.

The Ukrainian pair then revealed they were acting for Stalin.

Mr Mann, who has written a book on the plot due out in the autumn, claims Wayne wanted to send the men back to Moscow “in wooden boxes” — but the FBI would not let him.

He says the death sentence on Wayne ended when Stalin died in 1953.

When Nikita Kruschev took over he ordered the KGB to stop plotting against Wayne — his favourite actor.

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